Should You Get Weight Loss Surgery?

Should You Get Weight Loss Surgery?

You may have been overweight all your life, and your slowing metabolism has caused you to put on even more pounds since you turned 50. It is even harder than before to lose weight the natural way, and you know that obesity only cuts your life shorter. Is weight loss surgery recommended for a person like you? The answer is, it could be.

Weight loss surgery has transformed many celebrities like Al Roker and Star Jones, which has put the surgery on the map for many people looking to lose weight. As a matter of fact, weight loss surgery procedures have tripled since 2001. However, like get rich quick schemes, there are risks to quick weight loss schemes as well. If you are looking at weight loss surgery, talk to your doctor first. This procedure should never be a first option, it should always be a last resort. If you are only overweight, meaning your BMI is less than 30, you do not need to do this procedure. Weight loss surgery is recommended only for the clinically obese. There are doctors who will operate on you if you are not obese, but it is generally not recommended.

If you are to go under the knife, keep in mind that you will have to change a lot of things about your lifestyle. You may need to start working out more. You may need to change and monitor what you eat. This is especially due to the fact that the most common surgical procedure is gastric bypass surgery, which involves the sealing off of most of a person’s stomach, cutting the person’s appetite. You will need to eat less complex proteins and fats, as a lot of the processing of these nutrients takes place in the stomach. Complications will arise if you do not change your eating habits after having the surgery. Also, you should know that 1 in 200 patients die due to this procedure.

You may be asking if your advanced age would be a contributing factor to the risks associated with bariatric surgery. Fortunately, the answer is leaning towards no. Studies have been conducted that show there is no increased risk to people over the age of 50 compared to those younger than them. As a matter of fact, baby boomers seem to be the fastest growing demographic to get bariatric surgery. When a person can lose over 50 pounds and feel good about his or herself, then the procedure is definitely worth it. The risk of dying within 30 days of bariatric surgery is just 0.21%, compared to 0.12% for adults aged 35 to 49. Your chance may even decrease once your weight, gender, and heart health is taken into account.

So if you are looking to lose the pounds, talk to your doctor about your options. They may not be as black and white as you see it. Ensure that before you even consider weight loss surgery, you make an effort to change your diet, change your lifestyle, and exercise more. You may find that you don’t need surgery after all.

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