How to Avoid Plastic Leaching into Your Food

How to Avoid Plastic Leaching into Your Food

A growing body of research has uncovered the dangers of the various chemicals in plastic leaching into our food and drink. There is now a range of BPA-free plastic water bottles as a result, but that is the tip of the iceberg when we are surrounded by so much plastic, and the food and takeaway industries seem driven by plastics.

Here are some suggestions as to how you and your family can avoid the toxins in plastics.

1. Skip the Bottled Water

Get a filter for your tap and use a stainless steel water bottle.

2. Buy Your Eggs in Cardboard Boxes

Stay away from the polystyrene.

3. Adopt a Clean Eating Lifestyle

Frozen foods such as TV dinners are usually packaged in plastic trays. Never heat the food in a plastic tray because it can break down into the food. Instead, cook from scratch and use glass food storage containers with covers to make the most of your meals and even create your own TV dinners at home.

4. Skip the Tetra Paks

Tetra Paks are coated with plastic to make them waterproof. Buy milk and juice in glass bottle.

5. Use Concentrated Juices

In the freezer section, you can find frozen juice concentrate for apple, orange and more. Defrost and dilute the contents according to the package instructions and place in a glass bottle or jar. This will cut down on the number of plastic bottles you buy and the amount of gasoline and elbow grease you spend lugging heavy bottles from the store.

6. Invest in a SodaStream

If soda is a priority for your family, consider investing in the SodaStream system with its reusable stainless bottles. Drinks cans are actually coated with plastic, and of course, plastic soda bottles also up your risk of plastic leaching into your drinks. Coca-Cola can actually take the paint off cars, so think what it can do to a plastic bottle or can.

7. Bring Reusable Containers to the Deli Counter

This will skip all the wrapping and plastic bags.

8. Buy Beans in Bulk

Tin cans are lined with plastic as well. Buy dried beans in bulk, boil them up, and use them with all your healthy recipes and soups.

9. Skip the Saran Wrap

Don’t wrap your food in plastic. Try waxed paper instead.

10. Bring Your Glass Containers to the Takeaway

It’s a nice change to get a takeout, but many come in plastic containers or polystyrene. The restaurants also tend to give you a lot of plastic utensils. Ask them to put the meal in your container/s and say no to plastic cutlery.

11. Break Your Coffee Shop Habit

Disposable coffee cups are coated with plastic and the covers are plastic. The heat of the coffee makes it more likely the plastic will leach into your drink.

12. Watch Out with Baby Bottles, Nipples and Sippy Cups

Many of these contain plastic or are coated with plastic. Look for toxin-free baby products.

13. Beware Melamine and Plastic Plates for Children

Melamine is a form of plastic commonly uses for serving plates and bowls, but studies have shown they leach considerably if you add hot soup to them. Use a small, non-breakable glass plate or non-toxic serving ware instead.

14. Use Stainless Steel Lunchboxes

They are more durable and there is no risk of leaching.

Follow these tips to minimize the amount of plastic leaching into your food and drink. The environment will benefit too.

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