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What Percentage of Websites are using WordPress in 2021?

According to the source Techjury and we quote:

” The simple answer would be “over 30%“, but let’s back up a bit first and put things into perspective.

WordPress stats for 2021 are quite remarkable:

62% of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the US (Inc. 5000) use WordPress.

Over 500 new sites are created daily using the free version of

Seventy million new blog posts pop up every month.

There are currently over 455 million sites that use WordPress.

With such rapid growth, we should expect worldwide usage to hit ten digits in the next few years.

409 million people view 21.2 billion WP pages each month.

337,200 of the top 1 million websites are WP-based

661 new WordPress sites go live every day.

These remarkable statistics bring us closer to the big question:

What percentage of websites are WordPress?

The latest statistics reveal that WP accounts for about 39.5% of the entire Web and 62% of Content Management MS-built websites.”

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