The True Impact of Smoking

The True Impact of Smoking

Smoking affects you in big ways, but it also impacts on everyone you know. It affects your looks, your health, and your environment. That means it affects your entire family and all your friends and anyone you meet. A bad smoking habit has a serious impact on all aspects of your life.

Serious Health Issues

Smoking causes heart disease, lung problems, and more. It’s linked to almost every single cardiovascular issue that you may have health-wise. The toxins found in cigarettes can affect your immune system, which means you’re going to get sick more often. Almost every type of cancer can also be linked to smoking, especially cancers of the cardiovascular system.

Productivity Issues

Due to being sick more than others, your productivity (and your kids’ if you smoke around them) will be greatly impacted. You’ll miss more work and school and not be 100 percent when you are there due to not feeling well. Plus, if you take breaks at work to smoke, you may not be living up to your end of the deal at work, putting your job in jeopardy.

Environmental Effects

The chemicals used in cigarettes starts during the tobacco growth period and continues through the entire manufacturing process. The toxins from the smoke get on clothing, furniture and other surfaces where they pose a threat to anyone around them, especially children. Some people who smoke are also not thinking clearly when they throw their lit cigarette out the window, which can cause a forest fire.

Lowers Property Values

When you let everyone smoke in your home or vehicle, the property value will go down substantially because people don’t want to buy a place that smells of smoke or is yellowed from the smoke. Fixing it is hard because you essentially have to get rid of all the furniture, flooring, and even sometimes walls to remove the damage.

Financial Problems

Smoking is not cheap. Due to not feeling your best, probably being ill more often, and other things like that, you’re going to spend more money that you could be saving. A pack of cigarettes can go from 6 to 13 dollars or more. Most chronic smokers smoke a pack a day. You do the math.

Emotional Impact

For some people, their addition is a serious emotional problem too. It’s hard to say no, they feel powerless, and sometimes the family also piles on pressure trying to get the smoker to quit. Often, they don’t do this very nicely. The emotions surrounding this bad habit are common and serious.

If you are suffering from any of these negative impacts of smoking, you may want to look to smoking cessation programs. Many insurance providers cover smoking cessation programs, even in basic insurance, so check your policy.

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The True Impact of Addiction

The True Impact of Addiction

Many people erroneously assume that their addiction won’t harm others. Of course, it does depend on what the addition is too. But for the most part, addition can really harm you and your entire community.

* Physically Harmful – Most additions have something to do with drugs, food, or other substances that can harm your physical health and sometimes the physical health of those around you. For example, cigarettes not only hurt you but the second-hand smoke also harms anyone around it, and the chemicals that are left behind on surfaces also continue to harm people.

* Can Kill Your Career – One issue with addition is that it often gets in the way of your work life, even if you think it’s not. You won’t be as productive as others and you’ll call in sick more. And if you think no one knows about your addition, you’re wrong.

* Bad for You Emotionally – When you are addicted to something, it is a very emotional thing because you know it’s bad for you and that it’s harming everything about your life, but you feel powerless to stop it. The guilt can be worse than anything.

* Ruins Your Financial Future – This can be very true for any type of addition, because often it requires money being spent that isn’t really in the budget. For example, a gambling addiction can lead you to spend just as much money that you don’t have as cocaine addiction. A coffee addition might not impact you or others much in other areas, but it’s still going to impact your finances.

* Harms Your Freedom – When you have an addiction, you tend to base all your choices on whether you can have that thing you’re addicted to or not. You may avoid social activities and doing things outside of where you can comfortably engage in your addiction.

* Harms Romantic Relationships – Addiction requires lots of lying and deception. When the partners find out, they are usually not too happy about it. They will usually break up the relationship, or if they are also damaged, they may stay in it and you will both be miserable together.

* Ruins Friendships – The same that happens in romantic relationships will happen (though much faster) in friendships. Friends will lose interest in being around you if it’s always dramatic and about you and your addiction. They may love you, but they are powerless to help.

* Can Harm Those You Don’t Even Know – If you engage in your addictive behavior around anyone, you can harm them even if you don’t know them. For example, driving under the influence, going bankrupt due to gambling debts, and more, all contribute to problems in your community.

* Can Cause Bad Impact on Your Entire Community – When a community is harshly impacted by addiction, it will become less desirable to live in. The people who can do so will leave.

To lessen the impact of addiction on yourself, your family, and your community, seek professional help to help you develop good habits to replace bad ones so that you can overcome the addiction. Don’t allow that word “addiction” to frighten you. Some addictions are simply bad habits. Some carry with them an additional problem of a chemical addiction, either physically or emotionally, which may require professional help to overcome.

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