Ten Tips for Avoiding Temptation

Ten Tips for Avoiding Temptation

No matter what goals you’re trying to achieve in your life, there will always be temptations to stray from those goals. If you’re prepared for avoiding temptation, you can create a plan that will get you through and help you stick to your goals. Let’s look at the ten tips for avoiding temptation that will help you reach success.

1. Know Your Goals – It cannot be stated enough how important it is to write out your goals in a very specific way. What exactly do you want to achieve? Describe it in as much detail as you can so that you know what type of work will go into it.

2. Give Them a Deadline – When you set a goal, don’t leave it without a time to finish it and experience success. Instead, set deadlines for each goal that you create, and even smaller goals in between the big ones so that you can note progress as it’s happening.

3. Know Your Why – For the most part, your goals will inform your why. For example, if you have a goal to set up a new website in 90 days, why? Do you need it because you’re having a new launch? If you want to lose 15 pounds this year, how much do you want to lose each week or month and why did you pick that number? Those details will help you.

4. Be More Self-Aware – This means that you know how you feel and why you feel how you feel. You can note that you’re extra tired, so you better get a healthy snack before you grab a piece of chocolate cake so that you can avoid temptation in the first place.

5. Keep a Gratitude Journal – It’s hard to fall off a path you’ve set for yourself when you take the time to be thankful for the journey. You don’t have to take a long time. Each evening, just write down three things you’re thankful for and why.

6. Be Accountable to Your Promises – Most of your promises are going to be to yourself, but some will be to family, friends, or maybe a boss. It doesn’t matter who you have obligations to but it’s important to be accountable if you fail – and also to be accountable when you succeed. Taking time to accept success will create more success.

7. Develop Habits – One thing to do about temptation is to develop habits over willpower. For example, if you want to drink more water, set up a system that makes it easy to get the amount of water you want in your body. Then do it the same way daily. After a month or so, it’ll be a habit and it’ll come more naturally.

8. Create a Vision Board – It always helps to visualize the potential results of reaching your goals. It will make it feel real when you can see it.

9. Create a “What If” Plan – When you know you’ll be in situations where temptation exists, talk to yourself about it. Craft a plan on what you’ll do to avoid temptation if it happens.

10. Start Over If Needed – Even if you realize right in the middle that the goal was wrong, or the plan to get there was flawed, it’s okay. You can start over. You can tweak anything and fix it so that you can keep going forward.

Developing your self-discipline is almost all about avoiding short-term temptation to get off the path toward reaching your long-term goals. When you learn to avoid temptation in the first place, you won’t have as much of a chance to fall off the path.

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Ten Ways to Cut Down on Plastic in the Workplace

Ten Ways to Cut Down on Plastic in the Workplace

Cutting down on plastics in the workplace is another way to go green and help the environment. Start using the five Rs and you should soon see a great deal less waste.

The five Rs are:

* Reduce
* Reuse
* Recycle
* Refuse plastic
* Raise awareness

Becoming conscious of your own consumer habits can help you cut back, and you can get more creative when it comes to reusing and recycling. Refuse plastic such as plastic shopping bags or straws, and you can not only cut back on your own usage, you can also tell others about your choices to raise awareness in the workplace.

1. Get a Water Filter

Get a water filter for the tap so people don’t feel the need to use individual water bottles. Failing that, get a large water cooler. The large plastic bottles will always go back to be recycled.

2. Assess the Trash in the Office

Suggest to the office manager that they assess what is being thrown away by the company. If everything is getting mixed up (paper, plastic and so on), centrally locate bins for each type of recycling. Have them talk with your trash carting service to make sure the recycling is being handled properly and that you are all using the right kinds of trash bags.

3. Skip the Disposable Cutlery

Use dishes, mugs, and stainless steel utensils instead of plastic or coffee cups.

4. Skip the One-Cup Drinks Machines

The one-cup drinks machines such as Keurig use small plastic pods, leading to a mountain of office waste. There are refillable pods but many are plastic, and the hot water can make the chemicals in the plastic leach into your hot drink. Use a traditional coffee maker with a reusable stainless steel filter, or loose tea and an infuser, to cut down on plastic and paper waste.

5. Keep Paper Straws on Hand

A half billion plastic straws end up littering the planet every day in the US alone. If people really do need a straw, offer them paper ones.

6. Invest in a SodaStream

Many people enjoy soft drinks a couple of times a day. Make your own soda such as seltzer or cola using this reusable system.

7. Give All Employees a Refillable Stainless Steel Water Bottle and a Travel Mug

Many companies customize basic items like stainless steel water bottles and reusable travel mugs. They will charge a reasonable fee per item, and a fee to put your company name, logo and so on onto the items. They are a great perk for the staff, and extras can be used as prizes and gifts.

8. Switch to Paper Bags or Reusable Ones

If you sell items and your customers will be carrying their shopping off the premises with them, use paper bags or reusable cloth ones with your name and information on them.

9. Consider Using a Printer with Refillable Cartridges

Certain printers really drink ink. And with four cartridges per machine for the four colors required, this can add up to a significant amount of plastic waste. Recycle the cartridges through Staples or similar programs. Consider buying ink kits that will allow you to refill the ink.

10. Go Green with Your Shipping

If you have to send out a lot of mail, make sure the contents of your package are packed well with non-plastic materials.

Use these tips to cut down on plastics in the office. If you are not senior enough to implement the strategies yourself, try approaching your manager either individually or as a group.

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