Do You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Do You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan?

The short answer is yes, you do need a disaster recovery plan. No matter how small your business is, if you have a plan in place, you’ll come out of any type of disaster a lot better than if you don’t make plans.

Let’s consider the kinds of things you need to plan for, which will vary depending on the type of business you own.

Documented Response Plan

The first thing you need to create is a plan regarding how you will respond in the event of a disaster. More than likely, you’ll have a different response prepared based on the various things that can happen to you in your area in terms of natural disasters and so forth.

Protecting Your Equipment

Make a list of all the equipment that you use to do your business and anything that you use in your life that makes it easier to do your business. Make sure you have the right type of insurance that will enable you to quickly replace what needs replacing to keep working. Take pictures of everything you have and attach a copy of the receipt to it, so it’s easier to justify.

Keeping a Detailed Inventory of Your Assets

Further to the above, take pictures of everything that you may lose in a disaster related to your business, or that enables you to do your business. Attach a copy of the purchase receipts to the images. You can keep physical copies, but you’re better off scanning it all and keeping it in the cloud for easy access.

Ensuring Your Data Integrity

One thing that is important during disasters is to know what is happening to your data. For example, if there is a fire that burns down the server that keeps your data, do they have redundant systems that enable them to back it up in an unaffected area?

Checking Your Backup Systems

Every bit of content you generate internally and externally needs to be backed up. In most cases, a cloud server system can help you ensure the integrity of the data you are keeping, but you’ll want to talk to the owners to ensure that it all works the way you think it does. It might also help to create step-by-step directions on how to access information if your primary method of doing so is ruined.

Vendor and Service Provider Information

If your ability to communicate is ruined – for example, if you have all the information on your computer or your smartphone which is lost or destroyed in a disaster, how will you contact any vendors and service providers that work with you? Have a plan in place so that you can find them regardless.

Access to Funds

In any disaster, the one thing that can prevent a small business owner from success is access to funds. If you’re running a tight and lean business, you may not need much to keep your business afloat. However, if you don’t have insurance or a backup account that will let you replace your systems fast, you may lose it all due to that disaster.

Anything can happen. You can wake up today to a bright sunny day and end the day with a disaster. If you’re not ready, it will make it a lot worse for you and your customers. However, if you have a plan in place, you can simply pull out the plan you’ve created based on possible disaster sceneries you may face, and get started with your recovery fast. It doesn’t matter if your business consists of one person or 100 people – a plan will ensure that you can keep your business going no matter what.

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Plastic Surgery VS Botox -Simple Injections And No Recovery Time

Plastic Surgery VS Botox -Simple Injections And No Recovery Time

Plastic surgery is an old and common practice of using surgery to alter ones appearance, typically into something more desirable. However, as common as it is, it is a highly invasive procedure that takes a long time and can leave you recuperating for months. So when it comes down to Plastic Surgery and Botox, botox is almost always the preferred procedure to retain that youthful look you have been searching for.

The reason botox has been overtaking typical plastic surgery is really easy to understand. Whereas plastic surgery requires a surgeon to cut you open and make the changes, botox does not. Botox is just a simple injection and only takes ten to twenty minutes and off you go. It is fast, easy, and painless.

So why spend thousands of dollars on an invasive, and risky operation when you can just get a simple injection that can make you look decades younger? It is because of this that botox is used world wide by millions of people.

However botox is not without it’s risks. While it is certainly safer then plastic surgery, it’s side effects can cause you problems. For the most part, botox’s side effects are mild and easily treated. Some of these side effects include droopy eyes, swelling around the injection sites and other mild irritants.

But there are some more severe side effects that put Plastic Surgery and Botox on similar levels. For example, a botox treatment can make it difficult to swallow or breath. It could also spark a severe allergic reaction and pregnant women should never take it due to risk to the fetus.

These side effects are something you should be well aware of before deciding whether or not to opt for botox treatments. Be sure to speak with your doctor and get the full details from a medical professional so that you know you are making an informed decision.

If you choose to go ahead with the botox treatment, your doctor will probably tell you the same thing I am now, in that botox is safe and is performed countless times each year. Like any medical procedure the risks are there, but mitigated so it is not something you should panic about.

If you are curious about what exactly botox does, then again you should ask your doctor. But in simple terms it is a toxin that paralyzes the muscles in your face. When injected, it will cause the muscles to relax thus allowing your face to go back to it’s more youthful appearance.

Over time the toxin will be absorbed into your body and the effects will wear off, thus requiring another injection. This could be a point in favor of plastic surgery when it comes between Plastic Surgery and Botox, since plastic surgery is permanent whereas botox requires routine injections.

That can also be a point for botox, though, since if you do not like it you can wait for the effects to wear off and never bother with it again. All in all, if you are interested in using botox to firm up your face then be aware that millions of people use it without a hitch, and it is a far better option then plastic surgery.

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