Plastic Surgery VS Botox -Simple Injections And No Recovery Time

Plastic Surgery VS Botox -Simple Injections And No Recovery Time

Plastic surgery is an old and common practice of using surgery to alter ones appearance, typically into something more desirable. However, as common as it is, it is a highly invasive procedure that takes a long time and can leave you recuperating for months. So when it comes down to Plastic Surgery and Botox, botox is almost always the preferred procedure to retain that youthful look you have been searching for.

The reason botox has been overtaking typical plastic surgery is really easy to understand. Whereas plastic surgery requires a surgeon to cut you open and make the changes, botox does not. Botox is just a simple injection and only takes ten to twenty minutes and off you go. It is fast, easy, and painless.

So why spend thousands of dollars on an invasive, and risky operation when you can just get a simple injection that can make you look decades younger? It is because of this that botox is used world wide by millions of people.

However botox is not without it’s risks. While it is certainly safer then plastic surgery, it’s side effects can cause you problems. For the most part, botox’s side effects are mild and easily treated. Some of these side effects include droopy eyes, swelling around the injection sites and other mild irritants.

But there are some more severe side effects that put Plastic Surgery and Botox on similar levels. For example, a botox treatment can make it difficult to swallow or breath. It could also spark a severe allergic reaction and pregnant women should never take it due to risk to the fetus.

These side effects are something you should be well aware of before deciding whether or not to opt for botox treatments. Be sure to speak with your doctor and get the full details from a medical professional so that you know you are making an informed decision.

If you choose to go ahead with the botox treatment, your doctor will probably tell you the same thing I am now, in that botox is safe and is performed countless times each year. Like any medical procedure the risks are there, but mitigated so it is not something you should panic about.

If you are curious about what exactly botox does, then again you should ask your doctor. But in simple terms it is a toxin that paralyzes the muscles in your face. When injected, it will cause the muscles to relax thus allowing your face to go back to it’s more youthful appearance.

Over time the toxin will be absorbed into your body and the effects will wear off, thus requiring another injection. This could be a point in favor of plastic surgery when it comes between Plastic Surgery and Botox, since plastic surgery is permanent whereas botox requires routine injections.

That can also be a point for botox, though, since if you do not like it you can wait for the effects to wear off and never bother with it again. All in all, if you are interested in using botox to firm up your face then be aware that millions of people use it without a hitch, and it is a far better option then plastic surgery.

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Why Plastic Straws Are a Problem

Why Plastic Straws Are a Problem

Many people take plastic straws for granted as a part of daily life if they are having a soda, smoothie, or other chilled beverage. But as more and more people are starting to look at the dangers of plastic pollution, straws are coming under their scrutiny as being harmful to the environment.

Recent moves by certain fast food restaurants and other eateries to ban plastic straws has been met with approval by those who want to cut back on plastic waste as quickly as possible.

The Problem with Plastic Straws

Plastic straws are not recycled. Estimates show that Americans throw away half a billion every single day, including drinking straws, plastic coffee stirrers, cocktail straws, and so on. That is enough to circle the Earth twice, or fill 125 school buses. Just think how many straws that is in one year. They may be small, but they are part of the eight million tons of plastic dumped into the oceans every year.

While it is true that a small number of people need to drink with a straw for medical reasons such as having trouble chewing and swallowing, it is also true there are alternatives to plastic. Paper straws are the most obvious example. But now there are also glass, stainless steel and bamboo reusable straws. The only downside is remembering to take your straw with you everywhere when you dine out, and to not leave it behind at the end of your meal.

The Effect of Plastic on the Environment

Plastics can sit in landfills for more than 70 years. In the ocean, they have become a floating obstacle course that kills millions of marine animals every year. The plastic debris also washes up on the beaches, leading to unsanitary conditions and an unsuitable environment for marine life who nest, live or find food on the beach.

Plastic increases the temperature of the water and makes it more acidic, therefore killing off many sensitive microorganisms upon which the balance of ocean life depends. Marine animals can get entangled in plastic and drown, or eat it and die of poisoning.

What You Can Do to Save the Planet

There are a number of things you can do to save the planet. The first is to say no to straws. The second is to start educating others about the pollutions straws cause, and the harm they do. There are a number of groups that focus on spreading the word, including:

In addition to taking your own personal pledge to go straw-free, and encouraging friends and family to do so as well, there are a number of awareness-raising activities that can help. Discuss the issue in the local eateries you attend. Give copies of this printout, or leave it when you pay your check:

An obvious benefit to most businesses is the amount of money saved by not buying plastic straws. Paper ones can be given on demand if requested, and will be much cheaper.

You might even be able to get local businesses to sign a pledge and show that they are committed to greening their businesses:

Plastic straws may seem like a small thing to cut down on, but it can have a huge beneficial impact on the environment.

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