How to Find and Organize Clean-Up Programs in Your Area

How to Find and Organize Clean-Up Programs in Your Area

Thanks to the general public becoming more interested in the environment, there has been an increase in the number of clean-up programs around the US. How can you locate one in your area and join in? Read on to learn more.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The EPA, as the name suggests, tries to come up with guidelines, rules and processes that can help minimize the negative impact of human activity upon the environment. At their website, you can find projects in your community or suggest ones that need to be done. Click on the map for your area and then narrow down your choices.

Steps to Organizing Your Own Clean-Up

If you don’t want to wait for others to organize a clean-up, you can always do it yourself. For example, maybe your local park and the baseball fields are used heavily but rarely treated with respect. You could start to organize volunteers to get the trash out and perhaps even get rid of the worst bald patches with a new growth of grass.

Here are the steps you would need to take to get a clean-up started.

1. Promote the idea

2. Ask for volunteers

3. Propose a date you know your volunteers can attend, and the baseball diamonds will not be in use

4. Choose someone to be the main coordinator of the event

This person should keep track of all the volunteers and the publicity for the event. Volunteers should be checked in on the day before they start.

5. Contact the local sanitation service to let them know that you will be doing this

You should divide up the different types of trash and check to see that they are willing to handle lawn and garden type trash. Otherwise, you will need volunteers to take the trash to the nearest recycling centers or the dump.

6. Consider getting sponsors

Some local businesses might be happy to donate items or money that can help with the big clean-up. They could help with things like:

* Rubber gloves
* Face masks
* Trash bags
* Grass seed or turf
* Trowels
* T-shirts with the names of you community group and their business on it
* Rakes
* Shovels
* A small marquee
* A first aid kit
* Refreshments
* And so on

7. Plan for refreshments and a party

If people are going to volunteer for the work, they should be rewarded in the form of drinks, snacks and lunch. You can get a range of things cheaply at your local warehouse club. Get some ice and a cooler to try to chill the drinks or keep them cold.

8. Plan a safety talk

Give all the volunteers some hints and tips on how to stay safe while working on the clean-up.

9. Issue a press release about the clean-up day

Get it into your local paper, on the local radio station, and more.

10. Plan some fun activities

Arrange a little friendly competition by seeing who can collect the most cans and bottles in a given five-minute period, and so on. Consider inexpensive spot prizes for the winners.

11. Have at least two people in charge of photos and video

Get a record of the event in this way. You can also broadcast live through your Facebook page or Instagram page. Show everyone how much fun a clean-up day can be and let them come on down and lend a hand.

12. Assess how things went

Review the event at the end of the day to see what went well and what could have gone better.

Finally, plan your next clean-up. You’ve made a great start, so keep on going.

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