Make Up For Dark Circles-Tips To Cover Them Up

Make Up For Dark Circles-Tips To Cover Them Up

Make up for dark circles usually comes in the form of some sort of concealer. Concealers come in any number of shades and you should choose carefully so you do not actually make the matter worse than it already is. There are some other tricks you can use to brighten up the rest of your face, as well.

There are several reasons a woman may need to start using make up for dark circles not the least of which is just her age. Other reasons include; allergies, sinus congestion, too much or too little sleep among others. No matter the reason, there are a variety of makeup tricks that can virtually make them disappear.

Choose a concealer carefully:

1. Stop at a cosmetics counter at a store at the mall and ask for their advice on which concealer would work best for you. You can try different types of concealers before settling on a purchase. Try out different shades so you get to match your skin tone as closely as possible.

2. There are different shades for different color “bags”. A yellowish tinted concealer will hide dark purple ones, an orange tinted concealer will hide bluish ones and, blue, mauve, or tan tinted concealers will hide brownish ones. There are even green and light blue tinted concealers to hide red under eye ones.

3. Choose a lightweight but creamy concealer. The concealer should glide on smoothly, but not be greasy, and not require a lot of rubbing to apply. Do your self a favor and train yourself to not rub your eyes, no matter how tired they get, this can exacerbate the situation and actually cause the areas under your eyes to remain reddened for some time.

4. While you are at the cosmetics counter, after each application of a different color concealer, move away from the counter, but make sure you can still see in the mirror, and check how the concealer looks under more natural lights. Cosmetics counters are lit in a way to make everyone look as good as possible.

The goal here is to make sure that your “bags” aren’t noticeable under normal lighting conditions.

How to apply your new concealer:

1. Apply your normal foundation to even out your complexion. Smooth it out as you normally would, without paying any special attention to under the eye. Once your foundation is in place, you should be able to clearly see the dark circles that you need to conceal.

2. Use your new concealer under your eyes applying it in a thin, even coat. Use either an applicator sponge or by pat it on with your finger. Fingers work the best because you have a little more control. Once the concealer is on then go ahead and cover it with some of your foundation.

3. Pay attention to the area where your eye meets the bridge of your nose as this area tends to be the darkest on most people.

You should now be able to look in the mirror and like what you see. Remember these tips regarding make up for dark circles and they should no longer be a source of stress for you.

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