Manage Your Facebook Page



This is what’s included in the package:

  • We do all the work, research and posting of the content.
  • Three posts per week ( Monday, Wednesday and Friday) every week of the month.
  • Any promotion, special or specific post from you that you want us to post at anytime.
  • Posts are a variety or combination of text, videos, pictures, quotes, tips, history etc.
  • Your payment will be handled by our payment processor, Buddy Industries.
  • Payment is 1500 Namibian Dollar/month, which is approximately an equivalent of 92 US Dollar/month depending on currency fluctuation.
  • Payment is a monthly fee and no refunds will be issued. However, you can cancel at anytime and will not be charged again.
  • Once your payment is confirmed on our side, we will contact you to complete details enabling us to access to your facebook page.
  • This usually will be in a time-span of 24 hrs. No need to worry if you do not hear from us immediately.
  • On the first of every new month you will be reminded of new payment for that month, should you like to continue the service.
  • You can cancel at anytime by contacting us at any of the below details, preferably through email.
  • Confirmation of cancellation will be communicated to you by email.

Our contact details:

Owner: Johan Oosthuizen
Tel number: +264-812423646 (Namibia)